A haircut is incomplete without proper trim and shaping of sideburns, thus knowing which sideburns style Suits your face shape, Facial Features, hair cut, and beard style is very important for men.

Sideburns with proper finishing can enhance men’s personality but the only thing is that you need to choose which sideburns style going to suit you.

Do you know?

Sideburns were also known as “side whiskers’.

sideburns styles in the 70s, 80s, and 90s were far more extravagant than those seen today but as the century has changed so does sideburn style.

trim sideburns with beard

Important Factor to Trim Sideburns

Trimming your sideburns can be an easy task but styling them can be a little bit complicated, So here is a list of few things you need to understand before chopping your sideburns,

1. Proper finishing for sideburns style

Gentlemen everything is incomplete without proper finishing, as your mustache, beard, and hair requires a proper finish to make you look good so do your sideburns need to have a proper finish to enhance your looks.

2. Trim Sideburns with Length & Width Matters

The length of sideburns mostly depends on the length of your hairs. For ex-You can’t have long bushy sideburns with short hairs neither you can have short sideburns with long hairs if you want to look stylish.

3. Density of sideburns

Sideburn density is also an important factor that plays a unique role in your style game.

So if you have fewer density sideburns, trim them and keep them short, and if you have high density than you can for both short and medium length.

4. Geometry of Face Shape

Every sideburn stye is different for different face shape.

  • Square face shape-Medium Length sideburns
  • Oval Face shape-Medium & short sideburns
  • Round face-Short Sideburns
  • Diamond Face shape-Long & medium length sideburns

The basic type of sideburn styles

There are various sideburns styles such as sideburn fade, pointed sideburn, jewish sideburn, 70s sideburn and many more.

Few of them are listed below.

1. Long Sideburns

If you have a long face shape or a geometrical Face shape than you can go for Long sideburns, not only it will make you look classy but will also give a sexier look.

Tip-Keep them exactly to the point where your ear ends to have a safe look.

Long sideburns

2. Short Sideburns

Short sideburns are perfect for Round and oval face with a clean shave and can easily provide you with a clean gentlemen look.

Tip-If you are a office guy, short sideburns would be perfect for you.

cut with scissors

3. Faded sideburns

Usually, faded sideburns are perfect for everyone but I would prefer if you have a beard then go for it with side faded haircut

Tip– Have a full grown beard with faded sideburns.

faded siddeburns

4. Mutton Chops

Mutton chops can be a complicated name but the mutton chop style is not a complicated thing.

if you are fan of wolverine then you must know about this style.

how to trim side burns

Tip-Keep this style if you want to be center of attraction.

Questions-Related to sideburns

1.Sideburns for bald men?

See the thing is if you are a bald man, you can keep sideburns only with beard else if you don’t have beard don’t keep sideburns.

2. Are sideburns attractive?

Yes sideburns are attractive but you have to keep maintaining them weekly to look stylish.

3. How to Grow sideburns?

First off all properly know your face structure, hairstyles and then grow sideburns that will suit your face shape, beard, hairstyle, and mustache.

4. How to style Your Sideburns?

Always style your sideburns with best Beard style and hair styles

Now you are ready to trim your sideburns so select the length and width on the basis of face shape, hairstyle, etc.

If you have any query left feel free to contact us.

So are you are Ready to play with sideburns style game.?

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