Evolution is the reason for everything around us, from the device you’re reading this on to the underwear worn by people. When we evolved, everything around us followed along, it boils down to a drastic change in attitude towards all, underwear included.

Underwear has evolved, from leaves to untanned leather with holes to rags and finally cotton underwear. In 1935, cotton underwear came into existence. Today, 15 years short of a century later, it’s still thought of as something exclusively made of cotton. There has been endless evolution in the fabric of our underwear, and you deserve to know.

This is a PSA, a Public Service Article.

Starting with cotton, why is it so popular?

All of the attention that cotton underwear gets, it gets in earnest. The abundance of cotton, the durability, breathability, and comfort are hard to beat. It’s the most common fabric for men’s and women’s underwear, and it’s no surprise.

For the humble cotton, countries waged wars, conquered other countries, and countless people had their lives taken. It would be a severe understatement to say that cotton has played a part in the state of the world today. Thus, it’s only natural for underwear of other fabric to look upon its cotton brethren with envy.

Unlike cotton, nylon underwear keeps you dry throughout the day. It’s perfect for people that lead an active lifestyle. The snug fit combined with the microfiber construction allows for longevity but takes longer to dry compared to your average cotton underpants. It’s a trade-off. It’s a choice to be made by the ones with the awareness to do so.

On to the next one, Modal Fabric is best for people who like nylon underwear with a higher percentage of absorption. The texture against the skin is smooth and soft. Since Modal underwear gets made with manufactured fiber, it can be worn anywhere in the world at any time without qualms. Modal underpants are the best of both worlds since it works great for the gym and feels great throughout the day. Modal briefs, trunks, and boxers are widely available, and people have started to understand why.

Polyester underwear is relatively well known, and it has a crowd of people who swear by it. Polyester fabric is well known to offer durability despite having half the thickness of cotton. The thin and light wrinkle-resistant fabric is known to have the slightest shine which makes the colors vibrant and vivid. The only downside, it’s not known for being absorbent. So it’s no-way-Jose for hot climates.

Silk is the fabric of the gods. Every discussion associated with silk underwear has been in the context of lingerie or intimates for intimate interactions. But silk is absorbent, breathable, and supremely comfortable. It’s perfect for casual underwear, just not for the gym.

Spandex is a whole different story. It’s rare to find people who prefer pure spandex underwear for everyday use. Flexibility is second to none, perfect for athletes. But the levels of elasticity come with the sacrifice of comfort. Although today, it’s common to find underpants that have a small percentage of spandex for improved function.

Evolution is such that the next stage of underwear would be an amalgamation of all the best features. Perhaps the perfect innerwear for you has already been made. It’s your turn to go and find it!

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