A list of best beard styles couldn’t be completed without the name ” French mustache” in it. French beard styles for men are among the best styles that men can wear and style easily to look attractive.

There is versatile variety in french beard styles but still, French moustaches have always able to remain one of the best french beard styles.

What is the French Mustaches style?

The french mustache is a type of handlebar mustache which originated in France in the 16th century however, from the last few years french beard & mustache are even trending in western countries.

French man mustache are also similar to spaghetti mustache as they are long, upwardly curved and pointed outwards.

How to grow & shape a french mustache?

Growing a french man mustache is not a big game, you just need good upper lip hair density and patience, yes that’s all.

french mustache

Here are steps to grow a french moustache:

  • The first step would be to leave your mustache and let it grow.
  • second, you need a little patience, do not shape or Trim it for at least 6 weeks.
  • Comb your mustache hair in the direction in which you want to style them. here, it would be combing it sideward from the center in uni-direction on both sides.
  • Now when the mustache hair starts coming over your lips, you are ready for initial steps to shape your mustache.
    • Note- Don’t use trimmer as it can be risky to shape your mustache in a good way.
    • Use a scissor to shape your mustache, cut your mustache hair in a way that outer mustache hair should be longer than the middle part of the mustache.
  • Now you are ready to go, twist your mustache in the upward direction to give it an outward pointed french handlebar mustache look.

12 Best French Style Mustaches For Men

1. Van Dyke French Men Mustaches

french mustache style for men

2. Handlebar Mustache With an extended goatee

french mustache and goatee

3. Long Pointed French mustache

french mustache

4. Sharp & clean french style moustache

french moustache

5. The Indian- french beard style

Indain french mustache

6. Vandyke beard

van dyke beard

7. Vandyke beard with bald head

van dyke beard

8. The classic french mustache & beard style

french beard

9. French-Indian beard look

french beard for guyz

10. French mustache without beard with the bald head

french man with mustache

11. Old classic french vandyke beard

french men with mustache

12. Indian vandyke beard

french mustache thjin

How to maintain French mustache?

The key to an attractive and stylish beard whether it is a french beard or any type of beard is maintenance and finishing.

If you can maintain your beard then congrats my friend you are already plus 1 in beard game and if you can not then don’t worry! read the following points below:

  • Use moisturizer– it is very important to use moisturizer/oil as it helps to provide essential nutrients to your beard and it also keeps your beard healthy.
  • Trim your mustache & beard regularly as it helps to shape your beard and also gives it a clean & sharp look
  • Use wax to shape your mustache as it helps to hold your mustache in the shape that you have styled and it makes you look attractive.
  • Wash your beard regularly as it not only cleans your beard but also removes the trapped dirt and unwanted object from it.
  • Use a comb to style your beard and mustache
  • Last but not the least, use good products for your beard


What is french beard

A beard style in which mustache is separated from rest of beard is termed as french beard, as the name suggests it was originated in France and now it is widely famous all over the world

Does French Beard look good?

It depend on How you style it but yes classic french beard style look good & attractive on the each and every person who wears it.

Why french beard is called as french beard?

They are called so as they have been originated in France and was pretty famous in France in 16th century

Is french mustache look good?

French mustache is one of the best mustache style that you can wear and it suits with any type face shape and color thus , it look good with everyone who wears it.

To summarize:

French mustache and beard style are one of the best beard styles all over the world as they look good with any kind of face shape whether it is oval or square, etc.

They have always remained at the top of the beard fashion league and always remember, a good beard style is all about finishing.

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