The power to feel good-look good as a man/woman lies in our hands but the only problem is that you don’t know how to use it.

See the thing is “feel good and look good” are connected which can be explained by a simple saying that “feel good to look good and look good to feel good”

Every man in the world wants to look good and feel good at some point in their life and the only question that comes in their mind is “How to look and feel good”.

Tips to Feel-Good Look Good every Day

Looking good is not a hard game to achieve but the only thing is you need to follow a few things listed below to make the process of looking good easy

Good Hygiene To Feel Good Look Good

It doesn’t matter how luxury your jewelry and clothing are, hygiene will always remain the no.1 priority in the styling game

How To Feel Good-Look Good Everyday

Here are few thing you can follow to improve your hygiene game.

Take shower/bath daily

You can’t say no to shower even if it’s your non-working day, washing your body should be in your daily routine list.

Benefits of Daily Shower:

  • It gives you instant energy Boost
  • Make you smell good
  • Keep you away from Bacterial Infection
  • You look fresh

Maintain your Hairs

It is important to get a haircut once in a month to look good and feel better, it provides you with a clean and professional look.

Also, it is important to shampoo/condition your hair for smooth and soft hair.


  • Get a hair cut which suits your Face
  • Maintain your sideburns
  • Have sharp perimeter/edge
  • Use shampoo/conditioner of good quality
  • oil your hair twice a week

Trim your Beard

Believe me, No one wants to see you in that wild look so please go trim your beard and choose the best beard style that suits you.


  • Choose Beard’s length and style according to your face shape.
  • keep your beard edge and neckline sharp
  • Moisturize your Beard
  • Trim and shape your beard once per week

Wash your Face

Wash your face once in the morning and once in the night every day to remove dirt which can damage your skin.


  • Use good face-wash
  • choose face wash according to the skin
  • Moisturize your skin after using the face wash
  • Don’t use soap for face wash

Moisturize your Body

Keep your body skin soft and smooth by using a good moisturizer, it will also provide you a good fragrance so you can smell good, feel good and look good.

Outfits to Look good

Outfits play a very important role in making you look attractive, you can simply look good by the combination of colors that look good together.

How To Feel Good-Look Good Everyday

Wear Fit clothes

your clothes define you, so try to wear clothes with a perfect fit, perfect fit clothes not only make you look good but also boost your confidence level.

Good fit clothes enhance your body structure and makes you look great.

It will be preferred to do window shopping for clothes rather than buying them online as you can try and find perfect fit clothes in window shopping.

The Right footwear

Matching the footwear with your attire is important as you cant wear sports shoes with formal attire thus proper combination is important.

  • Always ensure to wear formal shoes with formal attire to look professional
  • Sneakers are always classy and you can combine them easily with most of the casual outfits
  • Whenever buying shoes, make sure that they are comfortable.
  • Always go for branded shoes.

Accessories can make you look good

Choosing Right Accessories for men/women and matching them with the right outfit can enhance their look easily thus providing a good and perfect look.

Common Accessories:

  • Rings
  • Chain
  • Belts
  • Shades/Glasses


The most important factor to look good and stylish that people usually take care of is combining proper matching colors in their outfits.

Follow the simple rule, that if your upper outfit is light then your lower outfit should be dark and vice-versa

Always prefer to wear a light color outfit on your upper-body and dark outfit on your lower body, this is the most simple way to style yourself without any styling risk.

Small changes can make you feel good and look good

feel amazing, look good

Small changes in your lifestyle can lead to big changes in your life, always remember ” change is the only constant thing”.

Wake up early

If you can wake up early, you can finish most of the jobs on time.

even your routine of shower, Brushing your teeth can be finished perfectly, hence saving any last-minute hustle.

Waking up early can even provide you time to think about what to wear, so you can pick up the perfect outfit to wear to look good and attractive.

If you have a problem sleeping early, read our blog How to fall asleep early or you can follow blogs to follow for new updates.

Start exercising

Exercising is the most effective way to shape your body and get fit, not only exercising helps you to be strong but also makes you look attractive and good, hence, you can feel better and full of energy in your daily life.

You can also practice yoga and can have same benefits in your life.

Start meditation

Research has shown that practicing 10-minute daily meditation can help you to achieve peace in life, hence, remain happy and feel good in life.

So what are you waiting for? meditation should be in your bucket list if you want to change your lifestyle.

Believe me, meditation will change the perspective of your life.

Eat healthy

Food work as a fuel to your body, if you going to eat good food then it is going to result in a healthy body, thus, eating healthy food is important.

Focus on protein-rich food, avoid oily food, these small changes will change your body structure and will help to achieve a healthy, fit and attractive body,

which in one way or another going to make you feel good and look good.

read our blog How to remain Fit and Healthy to find out more

You can look good and feel good by making a few changes in your lifestyle, so don’t be afraid to try something new.

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