10 Worth Trying Best Beard Styles For Men 2020

Best Beard Styles For Men

No one can ignore the fact that Best beard styles for men are the styles that suit his face shape and facial features.

With proper trim and shave of the circumference of the beard, a guy can achieve a much sexier look and an enhanced personality

For having a perfect beard style that suits you, you need to understand a few things such as Face shape, Beard density, etc.

Different Types of Face Shapes

There are different types of face shapes like oval, long, round, square, heart, diamond, and many more but let us understand 4 types of Basic face shape.

1. Square Face Shape

  • Square face shape is sharp, angular and masculine
  • They have a similar length and width.
  • A short and full beard with sharp edges will be suitable for square face shape.
  • Long and dense mustache with a full beard can also be the ideal style for this face shape

2. Round Face Shape

  • Round faces are about equal in length and width.
  • These face shapes do not have a sharp jawline, defining edges.
  • Keep long Facial Hairs and then shape it to give your face a different shape.
  • Longbeard can be the best beard styles for men with round faces

3. Oval Face Shape

  • Oval Face has an egg-like shape.
  • They do not have sharp edges near chin, cheeks, and forehead
  • A clean shave or a small beard would be preferred for this kind of face shape.

4. Triangle Face Shape

  • Triangle face shape has defined features.
  • The jawline is wider than cheekbones
  • Most of the beard styles whether it’s long or short, it suits them.

List of 10 Worth Trying Best Beard Styles For Men 2020

1. Full Beard

A full beard can be easily classified as full-grown facial hairs, maintain the sideburns to give it a clean look.

A full beard can give you a masculine look, keep your side hairs small and give your beard a shape to look sexier.


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2. Stubble Look

Trimming your beard, so you can have facial hair length up to 1-2 cm can easily give you Stubble look.

3. Van Dyke Beard Style

With a Sharp mustache and goatee, you can easily achieve Van Dyke Beard Style.

4.Classic Indian Beard Style

A style that never gets old but rather get sexier with time, You should definitely try classic Indian beard style once in your lifetime.

5. Dense Hair Mustache

Mustache is always classified as a sign of masculinity, if you look young and want to look much older than your age then try keeping mustache.

6. Anchor Beard

You can’t say No to Super sexy gentleman style of Tony Stark A.K.A Iron man of the marvel universe


7. Medium Length Full beard

Another beard style trend for 2020 is super classy medium length full beard. This beard style is pretty common in countries like Turkey.

8. Short Beard

If your beard growth rate is slow or you don’t have a dense beard than this beard style is just for you, keep your facial hair length short with sharp cheek and neckline.

9. Perfect Goatee with a mustache

If you can play with your beard game, then try this look, it is going to make you look different and going to give you a unique eye-catchy look.

10. Patchy Beard

If you have patchy beard or a incosistent grown facial hairs and you think that you can’t go with the beard game then you are wrong.

Just try to keep your facial hair length short with sharp cheek and neckline

Frequently asked questions related to Beard

1. How to grow Beard?

Beard growth depends on various factors like age, testosterone level, and many more various factor, Read the full article at How to grow beard?

2. Which Beard product is best in India?

Your skin and beard type determines which beard products will be suitable for you.

If you want an article on best beard styles for bald men, old man, or any other fashion-related things, Please let us know in comments.


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