The 1980s was a game-changer decade for Tv shows, movies, technology, and many other things but the most trending thing about 80ies was 80s Fashion for men.

No one can forget 80s men outfits which consist of bright(neon) color clothes and with these outfits those 80s men hairstyle and beard styles.

80s Fashion For Men is coming back

Here is a great fact “That everything changes with time”, So do 80s fashion was replaced by the 90s and coming years.

But don’t worry! 80s fashion for men is coming back, thanks to shows like Stranger Things which is playing a key role in bringing back 80s fashion.

80s style for men

what was great about 80s fashion?

There were many great things about 80s fashion, some of them are listed below:

  • 80’s Men outfits were classy and stylish.-80s attire, preppy, workout, rock, and punk styles
  • Men’s 80’s look was colorful and fabulous.
  • Rock music of the ’80s
  • 80’s hip-hop culture
  • Bad boy look of 80s guy and many more other things.

80s women & men were classy, The way they used to style themselves was amazing, No one can match the style of that era.

But it’s great that 80s men fashion trends are still in practice.

1980s Man Style

The style that used to make women crazy, I am pretty sure that you want to know what was different about those 80’s Men’s outfit styles.

Don’t worry!, Just Read down below to find out more-

Outfit styles

The attire that 80’s man used to wore, the hairstyle, beard style 80ies man used to have was classy and great.

So what does their outfit consist of:

80s casual fashion/styles

Casual fashion styles in the 80s were pretty common, men in 80s used to wear colorful attire consisting of

  • Tight fit t-shirts
  • Loose over sized shirt,
  • Denim shirt & jackets
  • Don dad jeans
  • white sneakers

Party outfits of 80s used to have a eye catching vibe, consisting of Shinning accessories, rough jeans, accessories jackets with leather straps.

Bu the good thing about it is that It was super stylish back then.

80s Hip-Hop Fashion

Everyone is a hip-hop fan and In the 1980s there were so many guys who used to follow hip-hop culture which unintentionally Brought the Hip-hop fashion.

  • Baggy clothes
  • Sportswear
  • Oversized Silhouettes
  • Over accessorizing- big gold chains, bracelets, and rings
  • Shinny glasses
  • Dark color outfits

80s suit for Men/80s Men formal wear

Oversized Bright/dark Shining color suits with patterns were very famous in the 1980s, classic suits were worn my businessmen consisting of large size tie, printed shirts, and Leather shoes.

80s style for men

80s Athlete Fashion/ Sportswear

Comfortable sportswear like sweatpants, tracksuits, Athletic Shorts became common in everyday life and people used to wear them for work and parties therefore these workout clothes were in trend in the 80s.

80s Rock Fashion

80s Rock & pop culture was on peak, Many guys used to follow Rock & pop culture which gave rise to 80s rock fashion consisting of Tight clothes, long hairs, wild & rough look, and transparent outfits.

In other words, Rock and pop culture in 80s was on fire.

80s men fashion

80s Punk Fashion

It was an aggressive informal, Fast-moving fashion, these styles used to express the personality, this fashion trend was unique and eye-catchy.

  • Colorful leather jackets
  • skinny fit jeans
  • Leather boots
  • Tight fit clothes
  • Spiky hairstyles

80s Men shirts Fashion

oversized colorful Shirts were common in the 1980s, people used to have eye-catchy look which gave rise to printed shirts and checked shirts.

For business/formal wear, Men used to wear plain/striped big collar shirts

80s Men jeans styles

Fades Light blue jeans and high west jeans were famous those days and they are coming back in the ’20s,

They were super classy, stylish, and sexy moreover dark jeans were also trendy in the 80’s style game.

80s style for men fashion

80s Men accessories styles

Men accessories of shiny gold, a silver material item such as watches, chain, bracelets, rings, glasses should be on your list if you want to look like 80s men

The 80s Men jacket styles

Large Denim jacket & Bomber jacket were Famous for giving a cool look while leather jackets famous for providing bad guy look to 80s men

The 80s Man hairstyles

So many hairstyles were Famous during 80s but the most common was long hairs, voluminous hairs which iconic mullet,

Business class used to have slicked hairs like actors in Godfather.

80s hairstyle men

80s beard styles

Being clean shave was most popular in the 1980s while big mustache was also on the trending list in 80s fashion for men.

For having chocolate boy looks, clean shaves was preferred.

Follow the 80s Style

The 80s fashion is back and it is the right time for guys to follow 80s fashion for boys/ men.

This article has provided you with all the essential notes of 80s fashion for men, so go and rock the 80s style them game


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